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(1969, Giulio Petroni) Brit doctor John Steiner saves revolutionary hero Tomas Milian from Colonel Orson Welles’ post-revolutionary firing squad — so he can kill Milian for himself! The betrayals mount up en route to two climactic shocks. Co-written by The Battle of Algiers’ Franco Solinas. With subtitles by Sub-ti.
Music by Ennio Morricone



“A fine film, well shot, well acted, well art-directed, original in its use of Andalucian locations, with great action and a splendid score, Tepepa’s message is both revolutionary… and at the same time cynical: what does it matter if the Revolution succeeds, if the revolutionaries are sexist pigs, opportunists, killer, traitors themselves? There’s no way out of the quandary the film presents… but the basis for a rattling good story… Tepepa  doesn’t feature in any of the biographies of  Orson Welles. This is strange, and suggests that Welles himself didn’t himself rate it much, or mention it in interviews. Yet his performance in Tepepa is remarkably good. With the addition of a little brown-face make-up, and a wispy, Fu Manchu moustache, Welles looks surprisingly Mexican; and he brings real conviction, and a little weight, to the role. Orson Welle’s acting in Tepepa has been unjustly neglected…”
– Alex Cox