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El Chuncho/Quién sabe?

(1966, Damiano Damiani) After a spectacular train robbery, Gian-Maria Volontè (Fistful of Dollars) finds he’s got a new partner in dapperly arrogant gringo Lou Castel in running guns to legendary General Jaime Fernández, with Klaus Kinski as bandito “El Santo.” HD.
Music by Ennio Morricone



"Economical yet expansive, making analytic, almost Eisensteinian use of close-ups, Damiani's lone Western is a movie of considerable brio; it opens with a train ambush and a half-hour of nonstop shooting and never lets up."
– J. Hoberman, Film Comment

“A spaghetti Western on a par with Leone's. It shares Volonté and Kinski with For a Few Dollars More, and Luis Bacalov's haunting score was 'supervised' by Ennio Morricone, but the politics are more radical than anything Leone stood for (it ends with a ringing call to arms: 'Don't buy bread, buy dynamite!')”
– Tom Charity, Time Out (London)

“Probably the best political Italian Western… Damiani’s slow-paced direction is very effective.”
– Phil Hardy

"One of the more visceral spaghettis, all dusty hair matted to sweaty faces and shrieking bullets racking up huge body counts, and the ending is zestily anti-American."
– Justin Stewart, The L Magazine